TRE – Tension Release Exercises

Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE)

TRE (Tension Release Exercises) works to release stored stress and tension through a simple set of stretching exercises designed to promote the body’s natural relaxation response.

This natural response to discharge stored stress exists in all mammals. When an animal is threatened by danger, the fight or flight response is activated and works for the organism to flee to a state of safety. Once safe, the animal then goes through a process of discharging the stressful changes resultant from the fight or flight response. This process takes the form of neurogenic tremors(shaking). Once the tremoring is over, the animal rejoins the herd and simply returns to a normal routine as if nothing had happened. These animals don’t have to communicate verbally to release their stress; they simply shake it off. It’s just that easy!

Unfortunately, most humans have a tendency to repress our natural ability to shake off stored stress. Let’s face it, it’s not cool to be tremoring out of control when you get into an argument with a loved one or have a tense conversation with your boss. Our own mammalian fight or flight response may be activated repeatedly as we perceive threats to our safety, including, dealing with unsafe drivers, feeling pressure to perform a job, and being counted on to support a family. All of these perceived threats to our sense of balance and safety add up and affect our state of well-being. By re-training ourselves to safely invoke this natural tension release process in a session with Mike many people find a sense of renewal and balance. They are more able to cope with daily stressors, and they have a restored sense of peace and calm in their bodies

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FAQ Regarding Tension Release Exercises (TRE)
What do I need to wear and have with me?

TRE sessions involve simple stretching exercises. Comfortable, casual wear is appropriate: yoga pants, loose fitting pants or slacks, and a comfortable shirt. Bring a yoga mat and a small pillow or blanket for resting your head.
How much space is needed?
You will need enough space to open and place your mat upon the floor. Most of the exercises are done from a standing position followed by lying down on your mat.
What do I do to be prepared for a session?
Please see an appropriate medical health professional if you have any concerns regarding starting any exercise program such as TRE.
Do I need to do any special aftercare?
There is nothing special to do other than enjoy the rest of your day. You may notice some sensations afterward of the body continuing to release tension.
I feel great after a TRE session. What do I do to keep this feeling?
It is recommended that you do the exercises one time each day for a week releasing tension about 15 minutes. Most people find that it is a subtly different experience each time, but the common thread is that there is a feeling of being relaxed afterwards.
Is this safe to share with my friends and family?
After having practiced for a few sessions, feel free to share but keep in mind guidelines to safely modify the exercises appropriately to accommodate anyone’s physical limitations.