EFT -Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping
Tapping is the modern, Western world’s application of acupressure, an ancient healing modality with Eastern roots. . By gently tapping with your fingertips on specific points on your head, face, under the collarbone, and under the armpit you can reset and calm the stress response in your brain and body. This tapping technique, also called Meridian Tapping, uses tapping points that coincide with points along common nerve channels (meridians) in the human body.
In 1979, psychologist Dr. Roger Callahan, began using Meridian Tapping with his patients and found it extremely effective in addressing any number of issues including phobias, anxiety, PTSD, chronic pain and discomfort, and other stress related conditions. Later, Dr. Callahan’s student, Dr. Gary Craig, reduced the tapping technique to a simple, easy method of stress relief. He renamed his method, The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). Today, thousands of people around the world use EFT to help themselves and others lead more fulfilling lives. Research and testimonials show how and why it works and its effectiveness.
I found EFT in 2008 on a mission to heal myself from chronic pain and stress. My Health Coach cousin, Steven Munn, of the Clear Point Center, introduced me to Tapping after he had trained in the technique and assisted tapping’s leading man, Nick Ortner, with his research documentary,  The Tapping Solution. After my first Tapping experience with Steven, I felt lighter, calmer, and more relaxed; I wanted more of this feeling.
Inspired by my own experience, I plunged myself into further training. I now use tapping to help myself, and others, with stress issues. I love sharing this technique and watching it’s immediate effect on others. When someone tells me that they have a headache or are feeling anxious, I often ask them if they would like to try an experiment. I then show them the tapping technique. After a few minutes, most often, they will be smiling or laughing and feeling a reduction of the intensity of their pressing issue.
My goal in teaching EFT or Tapping is to provide people an experience of stress reduction that they can self-administer anywhere, anytime, to enjoy a better quality of life.